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International Society of Go Studies
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1 Vol.17 No.2 Analysis of the knowledge structure of Go (围棋的知识结构分析) pdf Li Zhe 2023-12-07
2 Vol.17 No.2 Explaining Go: Challenges in Achieving Explainability in AI Go Programs pdf Zack Garrett 2023-12-07
3 Vol.17 No.2 Go Players Should Not Trust AI Win Rate pdf Quentin Rendu 2023-12-07
4 Vol.17 No.2 A Statistical Analysis of Amateur Go players to Assist AI-cheating Detection pdf Theo Barollet & Colin Le Duc 2023-12-07
5 Vol.17 No.2 Exploring the Impact of AI on Go Education: A Teacher Survey pdf Daniela Trinks & Chi-min Oh 2023-12-07
6 Vol.17 No.2 Effectiveness of the Baduk Promotion Act pdf Shim Da Un 2023-12-07
7 Vol.17 No.2 The Effect of Online Go Rating Point Difference on Winning Rate pdf Kim Chaelim · Kim Jinhwan 2023-12-07
8 Vol.17 No.2 The Game of Go as a Support in the Development of Cognitive Skills pdf Michelle Alejandra Wong Sámano 2023-12-07
9 Vol.17 No.2 Analysis of the Knowledge Structure of Go (English ver.) pdf Li Zhe 2023-12-16