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International Society of Go Studies
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1 Vol.18 No.1 Untimely Proposals for Philosophical Studies of Go pdf Woosuk Park 2024-06-12
2 Vol.18 No.1 A Study on the Classification of Disabled Go pdf 남치형 2024-06-12
3 Vol.18 No.1 The impact of artificial intelligence on the Go level examination pdf 赵天晨(ZHAO TIANCHEN) 2024-06-12
4 Vol.18 No.1 Research on contemporary Chinese Go books—based on a macro perspective pdf 周睿·南治亨(Zhou Rui & Nam Chihyung) 2024-06-12
5 Vol.18 No.1 Structurizing the Factors of Baduk Strength in the Endgame pdf 온소진(On So-jin) 2024-06-12
6 Vol.18 No.1 바둑학 20여년을 돌아보며 pdf 정수현 2024-06-12
7 Vol.18 No.1 An Inquiry Into Small Go Boards for Go Beginner Education pdf Daniela Trinks 2024-06-12