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International Society of Go Studies

Call for Submissions: 2nd ISGS Go Promotion Awards 2024

Daniela Trinks / February 9, 2024

The International Go Studies Society (ISGS) is excited to announce the 2nd Go Promotion Awards. This initiative is designed to encourage individuals and teams from around the globe to share their knowledge, expertise, and innovative ideas on teaching and promoting the game of Go to a wider audience, including those who have never encountered this game before. The contest welcomes both documentation of current Go promotion endeavors and promotional videos aimed at non-Go players, offering a unique opportunity to showcase the game's appeal to a broader audience.
Following the success of the first edition in 2023, which focused on poster contests, this year's awards encourage video submissions to creatively showcase Go promotion projects or methods. These submissions will not only be showcased at the conference but will also be shared on YouTube, offering broader visibility.

Open to individuals and teams. Projects previously presented at any of the Iwamoto Awards (2001-2018) or the 1st ISGS Promotion Awards are not eligible.

Submission Guidelines:
Format: Promotion projects or methods must be introduced via a video in English or with English subtitles. The video should not exceed 8 minutes in length. We recommend a resolution of 1080p for optimal viewing quality. The contest welcomes submissions in two categories:
(1) documentation of a past, current, or future Go promotion project and
(2) Go promotional videos designed to attract non-Go players.
Application Form: Submit your application in a pdf format, along with your video file (mp4 or any other format supported by YouTube) to mjubadukstudies@gmail.com - please find the application form here.
Submission Limit: A maximum of two submissions per person is allowed.
Content Notice: The submitted videos should not use copyrighted materials such as pictures or music to ensure compliance with YouTube's content policies.

Judging Criteria (100 points in total):
Innovation and Creativity (30): Originality of the approach in promoting Go.
Impact Potential (40): The ability to attract and engage the target audience (Go players or non-Go players).
Quality and Clarity(30): The quality and clarity of the presentation of the project or the Go promotion.

• 1st Place: 500,000 KRW
• 2nd Place: 300,000 KRW
• 3rd Place: 200,000 KRW

Winners will also receive a certificate of recognition.

Key Dates:
Deadline for Submissions: June 1, 2024 (KST)
Winners Announcement: At the 2nd ISGS International Go Conference on August 7th during the European Go Congress (EGC) in Toulouse, France, with a prize ceremony to honor the awardees.

Additional Information:
• No participation fee is required.
• The judging panel will consist of 5-10 members from different countries and continents.
• The organizer reserves the right to publish the entries on their website and share them on YouTube, with the copyright remaining with the author.
• For questions or clarifications, please contact mjubadukstudies@gmail.com.

We look forward to your innovative ideas and projects that will help elevate Go promotion to new heights and audiences. Together, let's spread the joy and fascination of Go inside your community and beyond. Your creativity and passion can help spark interest in a new generation of Go players. Join us in this exciting venture and contribute to the global promotion of Go.

▲ 2nd Go Promotion Awards 2024