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International Society of Go Studies
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1 Vol.17 No.1 Influence Mechanism of Behavior Intention for Amateur Go players' Participation pdf Sun Yuan 2023-04-13
2 Vol.17 No.1 The Special Use of Go: Life Lessons and Wisdom pdf Jeong Soohyeon 2023-04-13
3 Vol.17 No.1 A Study on Go As a Negotiation pdf Zhou Rui & Nam Chihyung 2023-04-13
4 Vol.17 No.1 Baduk and People with Disabilities pdf Kim Donghan & Kim Jinhwan 2023-04-13
5 Vol.17 No.1 Go Development in the Middle East pdf Daniela Trinks 2023-04-13
6 Vol.17 No.1 The History of Chinese-Korean Baduk in Jilin Province pdf Li Chengyu & Kim Jinhwan 2023-04-13
7 Vol.17 No.1 Tribute Essay - Changnam Paik Namkyu, the Last Grandmaster(Kooksoo) of the Joseon Dynasty pdf Paik Youngki 2023-04-13
8 Vol.17 No.1 Book Review - The Society and Culture of Baduk by Chihyung Nam pdf Lee Changbong 2023-04-13